Carolyn Webb

Carolyn Webb considers some of her personal life experience as exceptionally fun, while some have been difficult, leading her toward the process of discovering essential answers. With this, she wanted to share what she has learned as she writes, “Cross Currents is a romantic novel about gaining maturity, facing the unexpected changes in one’s life, and falling in love.”

A recently divorced young woman moves to her grandparents’ cabin deep in the Smokey Mountains. While trying to comprehend and work through wrong choices, she is asked to help an old friend take some kids through paddling lessons. She confronts the multifaceted changes in her obsolete marital situation, old fashioned beliefs, job, family and spirituality. She learns to appreciate the influence of her mother, friends, and a pastor who sees the Bible as a road map. She confronts various beliefs, a joust of boats, and a river rescue while paddling her kayak during a storm; and she finally learns to interpret a new romantic relationship.

“Many people deal with life issues presented in this novel. Many do not have the time or situations to examine the answers as well. It deals with both the sweet and difficult truths about life. It is also about finding the joy and beauty of being on a river. It explains life changes and love.”

Available in Hardcover, Paperback and eBook version.

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